Monday, June 18, 2012

Pardon The Mess...

As with everything in life, change is a constant, and that's no different here on "Northwoods Words of (Fiction) Wisdom".  I'm in the middle of redesigning the website a little - nothing drastic, but it reflects the fact that my body of work is slowly expanding.  As many of you know, I've already published my first novel, "Coordinate For Murder" (psst, go and buy a copy if you haven't, the links are over on the right) and I've also published my first short story, "Pins And Dolls" (pick that one up too, it's a good read.  Trust me!).

But, I'm not just resting on my laurels here.  I'm working on the sequel to "Coordinates For Murder", I'm slowly plucking away at an epic fantasy series, I've got a brand new short story, "The Ritual", that's just about done and ready for release (watch here for the announcement), and I'm working on my first non-fiction book, "Midwest Chubs", which centers around me and my current training regime that should get me into fighting shape for my first road race at the end of June:  a 10K run.

Not only that, but I've picked up a small freelance writing gig with a regional magazine titled "Living & Playing" (  They cover events of all kinds happening in northwest Wisconsin and eastcentral Minnesota.  I've got my first article in the new upcoming issue, coincidentally about my first novel.  But I've already got my next article in the works, all about gangsters!

So, with all of these changes, plus a few select events that I'm participating in with some fellow writers, it's time for a little bit of changes to the layout of the website.  Bear with me, and in short order I'll get things all figured out so that you, my beloved audience, can take in all there is to my writings.  Thanks for your patience, and drop me a note if you can, I'd love to hear from you.  Cheers!