Short Stories

Short stories are a fun diversion for me.  I can finish things quickly, giving me a ton of satisfaction.  It's actually a challenge for some people, but I love it.  Below are links to the details of each one.  If you like what you've read, links to purchase a copy are over on the right.

Pins And Dolls:

Two friends. One trunk. A collection of old dolls. What could possibly go wrong?

When Andre shows his friend Kevin the old trunk that he bought at an auction, Kevin goes crazy over the price his friend paid for it. Realizing that it's only full of torn clothes and ratty dolls, they part company on unfriendly terms. Back at home, Andre and his girlfriend go through the contents more closely. The dolls aren't just any dolls, and what happens later was just an accident...wasn't it?

The Ritual:
Description coming soon!