Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Novel Update

Figured that it was about time that I provide a little bit of an update on my first novel.  Things are going well, but like anything else that you try for the first time, it's going slower than anticipated.

All in all, I can't complain.  I'm getting to try something that I've wanted to do for years.  I highly recommend people try to write a novel, even if they never publish it.  It's just a lot of fun and you can explore things that you otherwise may never get to.

So where am I with my novel?  I hate to say it, but I'm only about half-way through my first draft.  I still have aspirations of getting it done, edited, beta read, and uploaded for sale by the end of the year.  If I get my heiny in gear, I could still make that deadline.  But in the end, for me it's not that I hit the deadline, it's that I actually make my goal of finishing and publishing my novels.

Yes, I said novels, plural.  When I'm done with this first one, I've got more that I'm already planning to write in this same series.  Plus I have a fantasy series that I'm throwing around in my head.  But first things first: finish this first novel.  I'm at what I consider a really fun part of the story.  I just introduced the yin to my 2 other characters yang.  I have a feeling that I'm really going to enjoy writing the rest of the story!

If you want me to let you know when the novel is done and out, just send me an email:  dlk (dot) writer (at) gmail (dot) com.  "Coordinates For Murder" will have a lot of action, drama, technology, and just be a darn fun read.

Okay, I best get back to writing it.  I want to see how I'm going to end it!