Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Kindles Are Here!

Amazon once again sets a new bar in the ereader price wars that have been smoldering for the past few years. For the first time ever, there is a mainstream ereader that is way below $100. I am predicting that this will only increase the rapid shift from paper books to ebooks. Paper books will never go away, but what remains to be seen is what types of books will remain mostly in print and which ones will go to ebooks. Fiction has been the easy choice for ebooks, but what about non-fiction?

To be fair, Barnes & Noble also has a really good price on their entry-level ereader, which is now at $89. Both of these price points will mean that people who have thought about giving an ereader as a gift but felt that the price was too high now have almost no excuse for not purchasing one. Unfortunately, Sony has not yet dropped the price of their ereaders, $149 being their price point. And Kobo has their least expensive ereader at $99.

What will this mean for writers? It should mean another explosive growth phase in people finding and purchasing their books, novellas, short stories, etc. over the next year or two. And not just in the United States either. The United Kingdom is getting the cheap Kindle as well for 89 pounds, and there are others around the world that will also benefit from these less-expensive models. This is no longer a fad, it is an established new way to consume books and other publications.

I’ll be celebrating soon with my new Kindle once my first novel comes out. In the mean time, for everyone who desires, I’ve got my first short story that is available on all formats, available for $.99 titled The Collection. It’s a fun, interesting story about dolls…but not in the way you might expect. Links at the right will take you to places to purchase it. If you are a writer, now is possibly the best time ever to connect with readers. If you are a reader, you’ve never had such access to so many good stories and writers. Life is good!


Marla M said...

Yes, more readers! Hope your prediction is right on this one. But I'm afraid price is not the biggest drawback. So many people want a book in hand. A book with pages they can feel.
Coverts, though, like me, soon discover that it is wonderful to be able to use both!
P.S. I hate those word verification things.